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Bishop MonktonC of E Primary School


22/5/24 Interverbrate hunt in our school grounds.

16th April 2024 Science -food chains

16.1.24- we made a digestive system using some food, a bowl (the mouth), a food bag (the stomach), and some tights (the intestines). It helped us to understand the process of digestion!

5.12.23- we experimented mixing different solids and liquids to make a mew mixture. We have been learning about the properties of materials and the particles structures which make them up.

23.10.23- the children used their knowledge of circuits to design and build a working lighthouse! The only criteria was that it included a bulb and a switch.

19.09.23- for our electricity topic we have been learning about simple circuits. We used fair testing to predict and test out a number of circuits, and talked about why they would or wouldn't light the bulb.