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Maths homework

Maths weekly homework -


Children have been given a CGP 10 Minute Weekly Workout book to take home. We would like them to complete a weekly workout each week, starting with Workout 1 in the 1st week, then Workout 2 in the 2nd week and so on - these should only take approximately 10 minutes. Once your child has completed the workout, we'd like to ask you (the parent) to mark their work - answers are in the back of the book (you are welcome to cut these out and hold on to them yourselves if you feel your child will be too tempted to copy the answerssmiley).  There is also a progress chart near the back of the book where we'd like you/them to log their scores each week. 

Please do encourage your child to do their homework each week - we will be taking the books in at various points over the year and children will be asked to complete any that haven't been done. 

As with the Spelling Shed homework, maths homework will run Thursday - Thursday. 


Autumn 1st half term 

7/9/23 - Autumn Workout 1

14/9/23 - Autumn Workout 2 

21/9/23 - Autumn Workout 3

28/9/23 - Autumn Workout 4

5/10/23 - Autumn Workout 5

12/10/23 - Autumn Workout 6

19/10/23 - Autumn Workout 7


Autumn 2nd half term 

9/11/23 Autumn Workout  8

16/11/23 Autumn Workout 9

23/11/23 Autumn Workout 10

30/11/23 Autumn Workout 11

7/12/23 Autumn Workout 12

14/12/23 TBC

21/12/23 TBC


Spring 1st Half Term 

11/1/24 Spring Workout 1 

18/1/24 Spring Workout 2

25/1/24 Spring Workout 3

1/2/24 Spring Workout 4 


TT Rockstars 

Children are also expected to visit the Times Tables Rock Stars website at least twice a week in order to practise their times tables. By the time children arrive in year 5/6 they are expected to be secure with all the times tables from 2 - 12. It is very important that all children, including those in year 5/6, continue to practise their times tables on a regular basis in order to meet and maintain these expectations. Remember: Knowing all your times tables at speed helps with ALMOST everything in Maths!

Children have a copy of their username and password for TT Rockstars in their homework planner.