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Bishop Monkton CE Primary School Curriculum 

Curriculum Statement

At Bishop Monkton Primary, children are provided with a supportive and nurturing start to school that begins in Early Years and progresses throughout the Key Stages. Here children develop their knowledge, thinking and skills through play-based provision and focused activities that begin to build children’s knowledge of reading, writing and maths. Children begin to learn to work independently and collaboratively, developing life-long learning skills which promote resilience and the ability to learn from setbacks and mistakes. There is support for all pupils including SEND and disadvantaged pupils. Please see the school's accessibility plan for further details: Accessibility Plan

Our curriculum has the acquisition of knowledge at its heart.  We ensure pupils are supported throughout their learning by a carefully sequenced and planned programme of study which is enhanced by special events, visits and experiences that impact positively on progress and learning. Creativity is a strong thread that permeates our curriculum.  Teachers plan opportunities in all subjects for pupils to think in different ways, find solutions, create original designs, make links and connections between subjects and information, and imaginatively use and apply knowledge. A range of assessment is used to check children’s progress throughout school and this in turn informs planning.

We provide a broad curriculum that enables children to be suitably equipped for their next stage of education and to go on to be active contributors to our society. Our inclusive culture and Christian ethos promotes the rich diversity of Britain and encourages children to actively take part in their local community, understanding the importance of being a global citizen. We strive for children to be the best that they can be.