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Inter Cross Country 20th October



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Y3/4 Intra Rounders 22nd-26th June 2020

6B’s Soggy Sports Day - 2nd July 2020 - lots of fun had by all despite the miserable weather!

Rainbows Bubble sports day 30/6/2020.

Home School Sports Week Monday 29th June - Friday 3rd July

Please find attached the score sheet to complete for your child/children.

All the videos are on the school website, facebook page and sent via scholarpack - 

Remember to send any photos and videos of your child/ren as it would be 

great to see the children in action.

Scoring is simple, basically 1 point for how ever many they complete for each of the

6 activities and a bonus of 5 points if they beat the teachers score.

All scores need to be sent via email to by 

Friday 10th July, if scores are received after this date they will not be included.

Good luck, everyone.

Mrs Coupland


Home School Sports Week Score sheet

Sporting Calendar 2019-2020

Y5/Y6 Inter Rounders

Well done and thank you to all that took part in school and at home.  The results are, within the Harrogate area we came 6th, 7th and 10th overall.  In the small schools event we came 4th, 5th and 8th. Absolutely brilliant heart

Results for the Y3/4 Inter Cricket


Within the Harrogate School Sports Partnership area we came 10th overall.  In the Small Schools we came 4th overall - I think this is a fantastic effort, especially as we only had 4 competitors when we needed a team of 8.

Still image for this video

Y3/4 Inter Cricket June 2020

Obstacle Course on a Pony

Still image for this video
Another great obstacle course on a pony.

Y5/6 Inter Cricket Competition - 1st June - Friday 5th June 2020

Well done to all the Y6 in school who took part in this competiiton and the Y5's who took part at home.  We entered 3 teams into this competition and in the Harrogate area we came 6th, 9th and 12th overall. In the small schools standing we came 3rd, 4th and 6th.  Thank you to Mrs Handslip, Mrs Verrill, Mrs Cairns and Mrs MacDonald for overseeing this competition despite the rainy weather.

Y5/6 Inter Cricket Monday 1st June - Friday 5th June

Y3/4 Inter Athletics 18th May - 22nd May

Y1/Y2 Infant Agility Challenge 18th May - 22nd May

18/5/2020 Y5/6 Athletics

Thank you and well done to the children that took part in the Athletics competition... I have just sent the results in and await for the final standings.  The children completed in standing long jump, vertical jump, speed bounce, shuttle run and target throw. 

Y3/4 Tennis Results 8/5/2020

Thank you all so much for taking part, it means that we are still on course for maintaining our gold award status for this academic year.  Thank you to, to the parents who are giving up their time to supervise their children during this activity, recording the results and sending them to me yes

The results are....

We came 11th overall in the whole of the Harrogate School Sports Partnership and 3rd overall in the Small Schools.


Y3/4 Lockdown Intra Tennis Festival 8/5/2020

16/3/2020 Intra Orienteering - Overall winners were YELLOW WENSLEYDALE with 2,939 points...well done and congratulations πŸ₯³

12/3/2020 Kurling at Harrogate High School

11/3/2020 North of England finals at The Walker Activity Dome, Newcastle Upon Tyne


The team all looked really smart in their kits, as we set of from school early on Wednesday morning to take part in the above named event.  Everyone was eager and excited to take part. We arrived rather early as the drive up was really smooth. In total, there were supposed to be 8 teams but unfortunately one team dropped out and another team were stuck in roadworks on the M6 and decided to turn around and go back. This left 6 teams and after some organisational giggling around of pools, the event was underway. The team started off slow, but as the games progressed they got into their stride and played some really neat football, especially our keeper Harry Kelly who was awesome throughout. Some of his saves were sublime. Overall the team came 3rd in the North Of England, which is absolutely fantastic, well done to the whole team and thank you for representing our school at such a high standard.

4/3/2020 - Y3/4 Megafest Rugby

Sixteen children were selected to represent at the MegaFest Rugby at Harrogate High on Wednesday.  All the children were very excited to take part.  They played lots of game type activities to learn the skills of tag rugby πŸ‰, then went onto play small sided games, which they all thoroughly loved.  Games included: any direction tag, breakout tag, end ball, statues, hare and hounds, ball touch, rob the nest and rugby rounders. Well done to all who took part and thank you for representing our school so well πŸ™ .

2/3/2020 - Y1/2 Football ar Ripon Grammar School...Overall WINNERS

Y1/2 and Y3/4 Gymnastics final at Harrogate High School 13/2/2020

Both teams were very excited and ready to perform in this final in Harrogate. Miss Tobin and the gymnasts 🀸‍♀️  have worked hard over the past few weeks preparing for this competition. Both teams routine, improved massively from the first competition in early January, this was down to the hard work and coaching by Miss Tobin, thank you πŸ™. The year 1/2 team were placed 2nd overall and the Y3/4 team placed 5th. 


Y5/6 Hockey at Harrogate High School 12/2/2020

Luckily for us storm Ciara had settled down enough for us to continue with the hockey. It was, however, freezing!

we took 2 teams to represent the school at hockey πŸ‘. The year 5 team came 2nd in their pool and they Year 6s came 6th in their pool. Both teams played some impressive hockey at times. Well done to both teams.yes

Year  3/4 Hockey at St Aidan’s 4/2/2020

We took two teams to the hockey tournament at St Aidan’s school.  A very exciting start with the fire alarm going off and 1600 plus pupils descending on the hockey pitches.  Our children could not believe how many there were.  Both teams did very well and played some really good hockey at times.  An outstanding player was Maxwell Hill, who was awesome for all his matches, this was his first ever hockey tournament. 

Thursday 23/1/2020 - Level 3 Area Final at York College


What a fantastic opportunity for the team to play in the level 3 final at York College.  They proudly set off on the bus at 8am to ensure they got to York in time.  They played 5 matches against the other small schools finalists within North Yorkshire. They won 4 and drew 1. One match went to a penalty shoot out, which was very nerve racking and ended up in a sudden death situation.  However, the mixed team came out triumphant as winners of this tournament and are crowned Y5/6 Small Schools Champions of North Yorkshire.  Well done and many congratulations to the players. This does mean now they have an opportunity to go to Newcastle to play in the regional finals.

20/1/2020 - Gymnastics competition

12/12/19 - Dodgeball at Harrogate High School

3/12/19 - Change4life for year 3/4

We took 18 children to this event on the Tuesday afternoon.  They were split into two groups to take part in a carousel of activities which included archery and indoor orienteering.

29/11/19 - Y5/6 Small Schools Football at Harrogate Town

The very excited teams set off into Harrogate, having waited a long time to play the “beautiful” game.  We took two teams to represent our school in this small schools tournament.  Both teams were outstanding in not only their playing but also their conduct.  Well done to both teams.  Overall one team were the overall winners and are now through to the level 3 final at York University in the Spring term.  Congratulations and good luck in the finals. πŸ‘βš½οΈ


FINAL at the Hydro - 12/11/19 - Absolutely fantastic achievement 2ND Overall....

Monday 11th November 2019 Year 1/2 Infant Agility

Small Schools Tag Rugby at Knaresborough 24/10/19

The team were keen to go out and enjoy the rugby at Knaresborough Rugby Club on Thursday afternoon. Luckily for them the day was quite bright and the rain stayed away.  They played some fantastic rugby and played well as a team unit.  Overall they came 2nd in this competition. Well done to you all.

23/10/19 - Harrogate Town Area Final - 7th overall out of 64 schools.

21/10/19 - Sportshall Athletics- 2nd overall.

14/10/19 - Y5/6 Tag Rugby at Ripon Grammar


The team played absolutely superbly throughout the whole of the tournament. Mr Coupland said “they were just simply outstanding”. The team came out as overall winners, which now means they are through to the area final in the new year. Congratulations to you all.

10/10/19 - St John Fishers Football Tournament, overall 4th. They played fantastically, well done.

2/10/19 - Ripon Spa Baths Swimming Gala


Having been selected from the time trials held a couple of weeks ago, the swimming team consisted of Jenson Miles, William Hunt, Milly Kirby, Ella Curtis, Mia Sterling, Lottie Sterling, Isobel Hall, Will Edmondson, Alexander Wyatt and Ziggy Fletcher. 

They all performed superbly and swam their best races.  Most of the team coming first in their heats and with the fastest times overall.  Those that came second or third, narrowly missing out by a whisker. Overall the team scored 115 points which sees them through to the area final at the Hydro in Harrogate later on this term.  Well done to all of you, what a great start to our 2019-2020 sporting calendar.

30/9/19 - Y3/4 Football at Markington - one team got through to the area final...Well done.

17/9/19 KS2 Intra Football competition

SPORT 2018-2019

What a great way to start a new school year, we have been awarded the school games GOLD award for the 4th consecutive year! I feel very proud of this achievement as it is not any easy thing to achieve.  I would like to make a special thank you to,  Mr Rob Coupland and Mr Oli Richardson for their hard work in helping us to achieve this, I could not have done this without them. 


I'm looking forward to the new year of sport, let's hope 2019-2020 is as successful.

Welcome to the sport of 2018-2019.  Let’s hope we have lots of fun and achieve big things as a school and individually.

Mrs Coupland 

I introduce to you the 2018-2019 Sports Crew...

16/7/19 Traditional Races at the Village Hall.

16/7/19- Potted Sports ...overall winners of the 2018-2019 School Sports Cup...GREEN.

12/7/19 Whole School Rounders


What a fabulous afternoon for our penultimate sporting activity of this school year...the whole school rounders. Much better weather than last year, luckily we had a respite from the heat when batting as our safety areas were in the shade.

Great gamemanship, support, help and most importantly FUN as staff, parents/careers and all the children from reception to year 6 took part.  The buzz around the field was superb ensuring it was a memorable afternoon for everyone.

Last sporting calendar of the year on Tuesday 16th July...SPORTS DAY. 



11/7/19 taster Dance Session with Year 3s

Still image for this video

11/7/19 - Taster Dance session

9/7/19 Intra Golf overall winners Yellow Yaks

4/7/19 - Year 6 showing the Y1 children how to play tri golf.

27/6/19 - Hosting the cluster rounders πŸ₯Ž tournament for the Ripon area. Thank you πŸ™, sunshine 🌞, great afternoon of rounders.

27/6/19 - Anyone for tennis🎾...YR to Y3 all had great sessions with Ellie Makin. ALL the children said they lovedπŸ’• it.

26/6/19 - Intra Tri Golf

20/6/19 - Area final of Kwik Cricket held at St George’s Cricket Ground, Harrogate...OVERALL 2nd. Only lost to the overall winners Pannal.

Kwik Cricket at Markington 4/6/19

Cluster Cross Country at Newby Hall 3/6/19

Year 3/4 Tennis Final at Ashville College 23/5/19

Intra Quadkids Athletics 23/5/19 - overall winners with a massive 2,686 points.

Small Schools Kwik Cricket 22/5/19

Brownlie Brothers Triathlon at Yorks Sports Village 20/5/19

16/5/19 - Year 3/4 Tennis at Ripon Tennis Centre

15/5/19 - Change4life Target for Year 1 and year 2

7/5/19 All Stars Cricket

1/4/2019 - Year 1/2 Football at Ripon Outwood

Intra Orienteering 29/3/2019

5/3/19 Hi5 Netball


Despite the rainy weather both teams played and competed really well.  They had some expert coaching from Mrs Curtis since the Autumn in preparation for this tournament.  

5/3/19 Year 3/4 Sportshall Athletics

Overall winners

4/3/19 and 6/3/19 Bikeability for Year 6


The Year 6 children took part in 2 full days of training about how to ride their bikes safely.  They started in the school playground honing their bike control around cones etc., and then moved onto the roads around Bishop Monkton.  For some of the children this was their first time cycling on a road and they found it quite daunting to begin with but as they got used to it they became more confident.  Over the two days the children worked towards their level 1 and level 2 certificates.

Quicksticks Hockey 19/2/19

Y5/6 Megafest Rugby 18/2/19

Infant agility Y1/Y2 11/2/19

Key steps 1 (year 1/2) and key steps 2 (year 3/4) 5/2/19


After practising for the last month, both teams set off for the area competition at Ripon Outwood Academy.  All very excited to be finally showing  off their gymnastics skills under the watchful eye of Miss Tobin.  Miss Tobin was very proud of how the children performed and  how they remembered the three routines of Body Managment, Floor excercise and vault. 


The year 3/4 team did very well and came 5th and 8th out of 9 teams who competed.  The year 1/2 teams did extremely well, placing Year 1 team 1st and the year 2 team 2nd overall out of 12 teams.  It now means the year 1 and year 2 teams will go through to represent the Ripon area in the final at Harrogate High School on the 13th February. GOOD LUCK. 

Y1/Y2 Gymnasts


Still image for this video

Body Management

Still image for this video

Year 3 and Year 4 Change4life - combat and target

14/11/18 - Football Final at Harrogate Town.

Well done and congratulations to the team on getting this far.  Notable performance from Sam Doderer, well done Sam you were awesome.  The team, again had some decisions go against them, but as Brian Clough once said “it’s a funny ole game”- how right he was. 

noSportshall athletics FINAL 24/10/18

Many congratulations to the team for getting through to this area final. Unfortunately, on the day we had a depleted team, but the rest of the team rallied around and put on fabulous performances  Finishing 6th overall out of 8 teams, well done to each one of you, you did the school very proud.

Football team at Rossett High School...overall WINNERS.

What a busy October we have had in regards to sport.  We have got through to the Grand Finals of sportshall athletics and swimming....many congratulations to all that have taken part.

4/10/18- Tag Rugby at Knaresborough Rugby Club

8/10/18- Individuals Cross Country at Harrogate High School, several of the pupils entered this event on the Saturday. A lovely story of one of our pupils stopping to help another child on the way round the course...fantastic.

16/10/18- Grand Final at the Hydro for the swimmers, an impressive 13th out of 16 and what a fantastic experience for them all.

17/10/18- Football held at Harrogate Town, came third in the group stages and 5th overall. The ball just would not go in the back of the net and a penalty wasn’t given...that’s how football goes sometimes. Well done to the team who were all supportive of each other.


YET to come before we break up for half term... Boys football at Rossett High School and the Small Schools Final of sportshall athletics.


Relaxing before the next game at Harrogate Town...

2018 Intra KS2 Football 1.10.18

3/4 Football at St. John Fishers

A great day for football with the sun out and a gentle breeze.  The pupils all played superbly as a team and won most of their games against the 6 schools that were there.  Harry Kelly was amazing in goal.  Well done on coming joint 4th in the tournament.

Girls football at Rossett High School 26/9/18

smileyRipon Spa Baths Swimming Gala 26/9/18

A team of year 4 and 5s set off to take part in the annual swimming gala at Ripon Spa Baths. Could they emulate the year before by winning? YES! they won by 1 point. This means they are now through to the Grand Final at The Hydro Harrogate in October. Well done to the whole team for their outstanding performances.

Small Schools Cross Country at Harrogate High School 25/9/18

Cyclo 20.9.18...again the rain stopped the event, but the children had fun.

Archery 20.9.18...unfortunately it was called off half way through because of the torrential rain

Look what we achieved...

Sports Day 17/7/2018...lucky with the weather for our morning of potted sports which saw Yellow House, crowned as champions and a great afternoon of traditional races.

13/7/18, Whole School Rounders. Despite the weather we tried to continue, but eventually had to cancel it. The sun came out and some children came out to have another go.

Level 3 Quadkids Final at York University...overall WINNERS for small schools in North Yorkshire.

21.6.18 Look what finally arrived...

22/6/18...Intra Tri Golf Competition

Dodgeball at Harrogate High School 15/6/18

Y4 Grand Tennis Final 4/6/18

πŸ‘ πŸ₯ˆ


Congratulations and a massive well done to Louie Wilson, Noah Sullivan, Isobella Hall and Marielle Joussemet for coming a very credible 2nd in the area final at mini tennis at St John Fishers.

4/6/2018 KS2 Cross Country at Newby Hall - WINNERS! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ€—πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»

Y5 Tennis at Ripon Tennis Centre. 24/5/18

WINNERS...Small Schools Kwik Cricket at Knaresborough Cricket Club. 23/5/18

Y5 and Y4, Quadkids at St. Aidan’s 22/5/18

11/5/2018 - Tag Rugby Festival with Year 5 and 6

10/5/18 - Y3/4 HSSP area final Tri Golf, finished 4th overall with 829 points, superb effort by all.

Year 3/4 Tri Golf Festival 2/5/18 - came 1st and 2nd overall.

Y4/5 Small Schools Tri Golf 26/4/18


For this event we took two teams one year 5 team and one year 4 team. Everyone enjoyed the event and thought it was a great sport to play.  We have now purchased two tri golf sets to use in PE lessons. The teams finished in 1st and 2nd place respectively.

Y1/Y2 Football 23/4/18 - Both teams finished 2nd in their pools.

Hi 5 Netball 23/4/18

Finally, the netball took place after many postponements due to the bad weather.  Despite the team not being able to practice due to Mrs Curtis injuring her ankle, the teams were very excited and apprehensive about playing.  They did all play well in both teams and finished overall in 4th and 5th place. Well done to all who took part. 

Finally, we took part in some sport. It has been slow going because of the snow. Orienteering took place at Outwood, 26/3/18.

Gymnastics 23/2/18

After cramming into the busy school day some extra gymnastics sessions for the team, they headed out to Harrogate High School to take part in the area finals.  Both teams were “exceptional “ Miss Tobin said.  Both teams demonstrated the three routines (floor management, body management and vault) with superb execution and flair.  The year 4 team finished in 3rd place overall, so a massive well done and congratulations to them. The year 5/6 team were missing a gymnastics due to an injury, this meant they were down to 4, they scored an impressive 107.4 to claim 4th place but narrowing missed out on third, as the third placed team scored 107.5! The first place team scored 110 points so it was extremely close, well done to the y5/6 team you were magnificent.

School Sport 2017-18


A year 4 team and a year 5/6 team went to compete in the gymnastics competition on Monday 5th February.   Both teams had enjoyed their coaching with Mrs Tobin and were excited and keen to take part.  The extra coaching must have paid off as the year 4 team came away as overall winners and the y5//6 team came second.  This now means both teams are through to the area final the first week back after half term.  

Year 5/6 team and year 4 team

Tag Rugby 3rd place overall Feb 18

Year 3/4 Combat

Year 5/6 Dodgeball overall winners