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At Bishop Monkton School we want our children to be healthy and happy so that they can flourish in everything they do. Sometimes children (and adults) need a little helping hand for this to happen, particularly when life seems very challenging. For this reason we have a Pastoral Lead in school - Mrs Amanda Coupland. Please use the resources below for yourselves and your children and do get in contact should you need someone to talk to  - we are here to listen.

Worry Box


Each class has a "worry box",  with note paper for children to write down any worries they may have.  Worry boxes are a safe way for your child to post their anxious thoughts, worries or feelings in a safe way.  It gives them control over sharing their worries to a trusted adult (Mrs Coupland) and it gives children a physical way of getting rid of their worries.


The "worry boxes" are checked at least twice a week by Mrs Coupland who will then act on them immediately.  If the child writes a worry anonymously, Mrs Coupland addresses the whole class and a chat/discussion around the worry will take place.  If a child writes their name on their worry, Mrs Coupland will speak to them individually.  


During the chat/discussion Mrs Coupland reassures the pupil that they are there to listen to them and offer comfort and support.  

Mental Health Day Oct 23 - some of the activities we did in school to help and promote our well being

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