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Bishop MonktonC of E Primary School



It is our aim that all our children will enjoy reading and writing. We aim to create as many exciting learning opportunities as possible so that our children love coming to school and love learning Literacy.



Our children regularly access a wide variety of books. From Reading Skills to paired reading and visits to Ripon Library; we provide numerous opportunities for children to read. Early readers follow a range of schemes designed to develop reading skills. They are provided with books tailored to their ability and encouraged to take these home each week. Further up the school, children are given a book to take home each week to encourage reading for pleasure but to also develop text analysis.

Across the school, Reading Skills is used to further explore texts and the children complete independent and adult led activities which are designed to develop their word recognition and comprehension skills.

Children should be encouraged to read for pleasure and we ask that you regularly listen to your child read at home. A wide range of books are available in classrooms and in the school library for children to access. Each child is provided with a Reading Record to be completed on a weekly basis and everyone who listens to the child should be encouraged to make written comments.

Reading at Bishop Monkton


Throughout the school, children gain experience of producing a wide range of narrative, non-fiction and poetic texts.

Children are taught to plan, draft, write, evaluate and read aloud. We include regular opportunities for children to complete extended pieces of writing and provide time for them to edit and improve their work.

Children are also taught to ‘read with a writerly eye’: taking examples of good practice from reading and using them in their written pieces of work. Across the school, children experience a wide range of non-fiction text types, many of which are linked to their work in other subjects. Creating links to other curriculum areas provides children with a purpose for writing and ensures they maintain their literacy standards in a variety of contexts.

Throughout every writing unit children are taught spelling, grammar and punctuation rules that are related to, and appropriate for, the text type that they are focusing on. Furthermore, discrete sessions are used to work on the children’s writing targets.

Speaking and Listening

We provide a wide range of situations, audiences and activities which encourage children to develop confidence and competence in speaking and listening. Children learn mechanical skills required for effective oral communication, e.g. voice projection, tone, clarity, pace of speech and the importance of listening in all types of communication.