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Bishop MonktonC of E Primary School

Cookery Club

Y1 - Apple Muffins 🍎

Y1 - Pizza - superb knife skills and obviously taste testing the ingredients.

Cookery Club Spring 1 2024

Delicious cheese scones...

Cookery Club 2022-2023

5/12/23 Mince pies and jam tarts

2/5/23 Pizza Rolls

7/2/2023 Oat Cookies

17/1/2023 - Cheese triangles

6/12/2022 - Rocky roads

Big bake of chocolate crispy buns

Cheese and Pesto Swirls

Making cheese and onion triangles

Making Smoothies

Our big bake...selling crispy buns for sports relief 2020.

Making bread...

Spring Term - Year 2 cookery club, so far we’ve made apple crumble, Australian crunch, cheesy roll ups and vegetable frittatas.

19/11/19 - Tortilla Wrap Pizzas...a favourite of everyone’s. ❤️🍕

12/11/19 - Awesome Overnight Oats

5/11/19 Gingerbread People foe the whole school bake...£42.00 raised for ingredients!

22/10/19 - Apple Crumble - peeling the apples proved very tricky indeed!

15/10/19 - Healthy Herby Muffins...delicious.

8/10/19 - Making was delicious 😋.

Cookery Equipment purchases...bread maker, mini ovens, electric mixers, blenders to name a few.

1/10/19 Making cheese And onion triangles (rectangles really) but just as tasty.

17/9/19 Y5/6 Cookery Club - Making buns

Cookery Training 2/7/19


Mrs Verrill and I completed a cookery training course held at Harrogate College.  We spent the day cooking different recipes, even made our own lunch of soup, bread and various salads. We had a great time and learnt lots of new things and have some new ideas for next school year for cookery club.  As part of the course we have been able to apply for £1,000.00 to enhance and build on our current cookery provisions.  Mrs Verrill and I are in the process of deciding what we should spend the money on!

Mrs Coupland

Mrs Verrill and I putting our cooking skills to the test...

Year 2 Cookery Club

25/6/19 Making strawberry ice cream


For the last session with the year 2s we tried our hand at making ice cream.  We enjoyed cutting up the strawberries and tasting the condensed milk and blitzing it all in the blender.  Fingers crossed it is successful and tastes delicious.  Mrs Verrill and I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone that has attended cookery club over this school year. We promise we will be back in September.

18/6/19 - making currant buns using the creaming method.

21/5/19 making chocolate flapjack.

14/5/19 Chunky Monkey Biscuits made using the rubbing in method.

Tortilla pizzas 7/5/19

Y3/4 Cookery Club Spring 2019


Our last cookery session with the group of years 3 and 4s, we made chocolate crispy buns to sell to the whole school at playtime.  They went down a real treat and in the process raised £34.00 towards cookery club to buy ingredients and new equipment.  Mrs Verrill and Mrs Coupland are having a couple of weeks break before re-starting after Easter with some year 2s.  

19/3/19 chocolate brownies yum yum.

12/3/19 - always a favourite Baguette pizzas.

5/3/19 Baking Maids of Honour - using cake mixture and pastry.

Vegetable wraps 5/2/19 - carefully cutting the vegetables was the skill we learnt this week as well as cooking using the hob.

22/1/19 - Cheesy roll ups

This week we used the rubbing in method  to make the cheesy roll ups.  The children worked in 2’s and 3’s and had to weigh out all the ingredients as well as follow the method on how to make the roll ups.  The children all tried paprika! and liked it. We had to be careful using the grater when grating the cheese.  The children all proved experts at using the rolling pin and listened to the advice of not pressing the rolling pin down to hard.  Afterwards, the children washed up and tidied the DT room, leaving it spotless. 

Apple muffins 

Our first week with the Year 3/4 group.  We made Apple Muffins, using the creaming method.  The children were very keen to make the muffins and followed the recipe well.  They were a little anxious when it came to cracking the eggs into the mixture.  We saved a couple of the muffins for Mrs Brown and Mrs Graham, and they both said they were ‘delicious’ a very high accelade indeed.  

2018 Year 3/4 Autumn Term Cookery Club 

Cheese scones...3/12/18

Chocolate Brownies 21/11/18

Our first attempt at making SODA was very, very nice.

Chocolate apples for Bonfire Night...I think they enjoyed sampling the decorations.

French bread pizzas...very, very tasty.

2.10.18 Making Buns!

Mini pizzas


Cookery club with the help of Lydia, Grace, Adam and Edward. Making delicious cheese scones.

Year 3 Cookery group


Unfortunatlely, Mrs Verrill and myself were not in school on the first session for the year 3s, however they were left in the very capable hands of Mrs Riddler.  They made some lovely chunky monkey biscuits.  Luckily they saved some for us and we thoroughly enjoyed them. 🍪

Our last session with the year 4 cookery clubbers. What a great bunch. Mrs Verrill and I are looking forward to hearing about their baking at home. For the last week we made chocolate brownies and completed our recipe booklets.

Y4 Cookery Club with their recipe booklets.

Cheesy spirals

Cheese scones

Autumn Term Cookery Club

with Mrs Coupland and Mrs Verill

Tuesday 3.30pm - 4.45pm

Year 4


Making chocolate flapjack, Mrs Verrill and I thought the children enjoyed tasting all the ingredients!

Cookery club, making mini toad in the holes...


Bishop Monkton decorate off. With this being the last session for the Y5/6 children, we decided to challenge the children to decorate four buns in the theme of Valentine’s Day.  Mrs Filippi was head judge and spent a long time deliberating who the overall winner was going to be.  After some time, Mrs Filippi picked Oliver Cairns , well done Oliver.

Don’t they all look fabulous.

Mrs Verrill and Mrs Coupland wearing our new aprons made by Mrs Brown, with the cookery club.

This week in cookery club (30/1/2018) we have made mini vegetable frittatas.  

Making pizzas using bread!

Making peppermint creams

Making chocolate truffles and fudge this week.