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15.11.23 Firework Poetry


If I were a firework...

If I were a roman candle

I would explode in the freezing night sky

I would sparkle with emerald green

I would be deafening

By Jasmine


If I were a sparkler

I would burn with fire and flames

I would be flaming with beautiful colours like gold, emerald and silver

I would fill the night sky

I would be crackling

By Elsie


If I were a rocket

I would fly up into the dark sky

I would explode into magenta and cherry red sparks

I would rain down shiny glitter

I would be dazzling colours

By Oliver

Our learning for Autumn 1 is based on Jim and the Beanstalk by Raymond Briggs


Narrative re-telling (including dialogue), thought bubbles, informal letters


Synopsis of Text:

In this re-telling of the classic children's story by author of The Snowman Raymond Briggs, a little boy called Jim finds a beanstalk outside his window one morning. Like his predecessor Jack, he decides to climb it - and at the top, he finds a huge castle and a rather grumpy giant. But this giant isn't at all what Jim expected . . .