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Bishop MonktonC of E Primary School


East Barnby day 3- canoeing to Whitby and dry slope sledging!

Science- in Autumn term our topic was electricity. We designed and made a security system to protect the Crown Jewels or the World Cup trophy!

Today we led the Remembrance Day service.

10.11.22 Fairtrade afternoon- we did lots of fun activities based on fairtrade, including plotting the journey of a cocoa bean, and a 'moving Malteser challenge!'.

DT- this half term we are making waistcoats!

PE- this half term we are focussing on teamwork and giving/receiving feedback. We practiced transporting 'treasure' across a course with one team member blindfolded.

Art- our first topic focuses on painting and mixed media. We have studied some different artists and created pieces based on the same style.

Science- our first topic is light, and we have been investigating shadows.