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Bishop MonktonC of E Primary School


We are a Fairtrade school. We know the value of our choices and how they can affect people who live in other parts of the world.

19/1/23 Our Eco Squad brilliantly put together a Fairtrade assembly today.

I think we’ll all recognise this logo now!

10/11/2022 Fairtrade fun with maltesers!

10/11/22 Our whole school Fairtrade afternoon began with Martha and James helping Mrs Handslip deliver an assembly on Fairtrade. For those who have very little, there can be hard choices. The play script read by James and Martha helped us to understand that sometimes people have to choose between warm or food.

10/11/22 A whole school Fairtrade afternoon. Here are some antics from Heron’s class.

20/10/22 Today the squad helped us recognise the Fairtrade Logo. We then explored how the Fairtrade Foundation has developed since it began. The Mexican farmers who felt unfairly paid to the introduction of Fairtrade products.

Warning: We shall be having a whole school Fairtrade afternoon on 10th November. Maltesers included!

7/10/22 The squad interviewed the kitchen staff to find out what they knew about Fairtrade. They discovered that their chocolate cake for tomorrow’s lunch is made with Fairtrade cocoa from Ghana.