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The Linking Network


Dear parents/carers,

I have attached a letter to introduce our exciting new project. Herons will be heading up our linking project with the year 5 class at Dixons Music Primary School, Bradford. 


The Linking Network has been established in 29 local authorities and currently has 29,430 children involved. It provides the children with a very real opportunity to explore their identity, diversity and how we all can live well together. It encourages meaningful interaction in a safe process; it allows for the recognition of and respect for diversity. But above all, it is enjoyable.


I was involved in setting up a similar link elsewhere and this project is now in its eighth year. I have seen children develop awareness, trust, empathy and respect for others. I am excited that our wonderful Herons now have the opportunity to share together with 'Manchester' class at the 'outstanding' Dixons Music School.


Yours excitedly

Debbie Handslip

An introduction to our Linking Network Project

Joseph Coelho

November 2023 Exciting news!

We are continuing with our Linking Project . In the new year, Eagles will be making contact with the new Manchester Class pupils at Dixon's Music School, Bradford.

To start us off, the Linking Network are putting on an online author visit with the children's poet laureate, Joseph Coelho. This is an honary appointment made by our King. So what an honour that he shall be taking time to inspire Eagle's class and others on Thursday 16th November.


9/12/22 The children have now been introduced to our linking project. We are making a banner for our link school class, to introduce ourselves.

16th March We have met Manchester Class! We spent time saying hello and goodbye in sign language and playing games such as ‘Would you Rather’, the drawing game and ‘stand up, sit down.’ It was so lovely to get together virtually. We look forward to seeing them in reality.

April 23

Here are 10 questions which Manchester class asked us to get to know us better. Our answers are next to them.

  1. What is your favourite subject in school?  Art history, PE and computers.
  2. How many lessons do you have?  Approximately 5
  3. What is your favourite sport?  Gymnastics, cricket, dance and netball
  4. What type of meals do you have? Chicken Korma, pizza, fishfingers, sausage and mash
  5. Do you ever work outside when it’s sunny? Yes, we have a field and an outdoor woodland classroom
  6. How do you come to school? (bike?) Car, walk, scooters
  7. What countries are you from? England but some have lived in Hong Kiong, South Korea, Wales and Germany
  8. What languages do you all speak?  English with a little Arabic, Europa, French
  9. What is your biggest fear? Getting lost, wide-open spaces, sand, elevators
  10. How many girls and boys do you have in your class?16 girls and 13 boys

This is our latest parent letter letting you know about our exciting Link School developments.

May 25th Wow, what a day!

Today, Herons class brilliantly hosted a visit from our Link School, Dixons Music Primary, Bradford. Manchester class (each class is named after the university their teacher went to) were a joy. Our theme for the day was 'Team Spirit'. We played a number of get-to-know-you games such as Human Bingo, crossing the circle as a chicken and parachute games. We also created towers through teamwork and ate and played together. All the children had a wonderful fun time and a great experience. We can't wait to visit our new friends on 16th June- not long! Mrs Cairns and Mrs Handslip are so proud of the effort our children put in making our guests welcome.