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Welcome to Eagles!


We are Year 5 and 6 children. Our teacher is Mrs Handslip and we are supported in the mornings by Mrs Verrill

Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition

Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 1
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 2
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 3
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 4
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 5
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 6
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 7
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 8
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 9
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 10
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 11
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 12
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 13
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 14
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 15
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 16
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 17
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 18
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 19
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 20
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 21
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 22
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 23
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 24
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 25
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 26
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 27
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 28
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 29
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 30
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 31
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 32
Our Wonderful W.W.2 Exhibition 33

A brilliantly presented 'playlet' expressing the joys and sadness of evacuees.

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Our awesome author visit

Today, Edward Traynor whose pen name is Billy Bob Button, delivered a fascinating workshop on how to write a best selling book. He described how the reader is his starting point; that each of his books have 5 sections and that he uses adjectives, verbs and adverbs to give music to his writing.

Amy wanted to know who his idol was- a left handed tennis player! Molly wanted to know which was his first book- Wizards Bookshop. We also learned about his many notebooks in which he keeps lists and drawings of hats, doors and monsters.


Year 4 and 5 WW2 Assembly

Year 4 and 5 WW2 Assembly 1
Today the Herons and the Eagles joined together in the 'Houses of Parliament' for a debate. They learnt how to share and to listen to each other's views respectfully. They were opportunities to change minds and offer alternative view points.  At the end, the speaker of the house held a democratic vote to come to a conclusion. The children learnt that they will not all end with the same opinions, but need to 'disagree well' and accept the majority outcome.

Electric Eagles!

The children have been playing bingo to learn common electric symbols; these symbols have supported the children in their drawing of electrical circuits. They were challenged to create a lighthouse which could house a simple circuit. Finally, after reading about Alexandro Volta, we experimented with ways to make a lightbulb brighter or a buzzer louder.

People’s Book Prize Winner Visits School

The award-winning, bestselling children’s author, Billy Bob Buttons, will be visiting this school on the AFTERNOON of Tuesday 4th December.                        

He is the author of sixteen very popular children’s books including Felicity Brady and the Wizard’s Bookshop, the bestselling Muffin Monster, Tiffany Sparrow Spook Slayer, The Cool Kids Book Prize winner, WIDE AWAKE, and the UK People’s Book Prize winner and bestseller, I think I Murdered Miss. Last year, this book sold over 40,000 in the UK alone and won the 2014 UK People’s Book Prize.

Every year, he meets with approx. 50,000 primary school children to deliver his popular literacy workshops. Throughout the afternoon, he will be delivering the workshops to the Herons and the Eagles focusing on Planning a Story, Adventure Writing and Characters. 

There are a selection of his books in our library right now!



 A quick reminder that Friday's assembly will hosted by our year 6 children. They will be sharing their adventures at East Barnby. Our year 5 children will be joining with the Heron's class on 23rd November to share work from our WW2 topic.
Coming soon! Monday 19th-23rd November.Coming soon! 19th-23rd November at 3:30pm in the hall.

Year 4 and Year 5 Ripon Rural Carol Concert Lyrics and Backing Tracks - the concert is on Monday 3rd December so please make sure you know all of the words before then. Thank you!

BACKING - O Little Town of Bethlehem.wav


Backing ONLY A BABE.wma

Backing SILENT NIGHT.wma

Backing WE THREE KINGS.wma


Video of Signed We Wish you a Merry Christmas.MP4

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Dear Herons and Eagles. We have an exciting opportunity for you to follow your interests and explore our World War Two topic further. See the attached flyer!

We have seen all sorts today to bring our WW2 topic to life; miniatures worlds in a light bulb made by a prisoner of war; lampposts which were white but painted black on the first day of the war; the Queen working with the engineers and unexploded bombs.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


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Don't forget that the Herons and the Eagles will be visiting Eden Camp on Thursday 18th October (note the change from 16th). This will be an amazing opportunity to bring our WW2 history topic to life. The children will experience the sights, sounds and smells of the Home Front and the Front Line.

The site can be chilly so please do make sure that you have an extra layer under your uniform and you have a warm coat.

Please take time to look at the website

Childhood by Frances Cornford

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National Poetry Day-what a fun afternoon we have had with our performance poetry.

It's great to be back with our year 5s. Today we have been continuing our science topic on forces. The children have been carrying out fair tests;exploring which seed spinner designs are more effective at using air resistance to slow their fall to earth.

Our last full day! What an amazing time we have had. Some of us built dens and roasted marshmallows deep in the woods. Whilst others went on an awesome mountain biking expedition across the Danby Moors. These were our favourite activities until this afternoon...body-boarding! Tonight we have had the final dorm inspection followed by 'Boshop Minkton's Got talent' and the DINKEE LINKEE quiz-you'll have to ask!

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow but not before we've scrambled a beck.

 I am very proud of all the achievements of each individual in this group. They are supporting each other, challenging themselves and showing a willingness to embrace all the adventures offered to them. As we speak they are chilling together with cards, pool and giant Jenga. Today we have experienced a mountain adventure day which consisted of rolling down banks, 'weasling' through the Wainstones and playing 'Capture the Flag' on a stunning if not a little windy hill top. Back at base we have had huge laughs sledging with lots of washing up liquid and moving along a night-line, blindfolded, to work on instructions and developing trust.

I am randomly and quickly adding a few sample photos from the 150 or so we are taking each day. If you child is not on them don't worry, you will have plenty more to see on our return.

East Barnby Day 2

We have been so blessed with the weather. After an excellent night sleep, we went as one group, on an awesome canoe adventure. With 3 children per canoe, we trekked down the river stopping on 'Lunch Island' where we played a game which consisted of finding objects which should not be there! As part of the John Muir Award the children are learning about conservation, exploration and discovery. We discovered pretty quickly that welly boots get stuck forever in thick mud and that certain children are drawn to water! I'll let you find out who on our return. We were treated to a wonderful end to this adventure as we turned the corner to see the welcome view of Whitby Harbour. Tonight, the children have been challenged to work together to 'save the duck' on the Low Ropes Course. A full and eventful day has been rounded of with silly songs and super stories around the campfire.

We have all arrived safely at East Barnby. After lots of hilarity getting our bunks in the dorm ready, we headed out in two groups for our first activity. One group enjoyed the sunshine on the moors. We mountain biked around Danby Beacon, testing our balance and coordination. The other group headed Sandsend way to build dens and campfires at Falling Foss Woods. As we speak the children are hunting for aliens which have escaped from the tuck shop! 

East Barnby Day 1

We have been reflecting on the beauty of our world. This led to some BIG questions!

Experimenting with different media to create a fiery background for our 'blitz' pictures.