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We are Reception and Year 1 children, our teacher is Mrs Selfridge who is supported by Miss Riddler and Mrs McDonald.




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Raising Achievement in Writing Project

Raising Achievement in Writing Project 1
Raising Achievement in Writing Project 2
Raising Achievement in Writing Project 3

This year in Robins Class we have focussed on raising the achievement of our writing through attendance on North Yorkshires Closing the Gap Project. It has been an exciting learning journey, through which, we have enjoyed reflecting on our practices and the provision we have available to stimulate the school's youngest learners' interest in writing. 


The open morning enabled us to share our learning journey with parents of Nursery, Reception and Year One children and keep them informed of our approaches to teaching writing and our provision. 


It was great to see so many parents engaged in developing the mechanics of writing; through squiggle whilst you wiggle and dough disco, as well as joining their children to develop 'storying'; by providing a narrative for their small world play, developing pictures, creating story maps and progressing onto story writing. 

Take a look at what we are learning about this Summer 2018....

Week One - Mr McGregor's Garden

This term in Robin's class we welcome Mrs West, who is a student teacher in her final placement of the PGCE qualification. Some of you may have already have met her in Owls class earlier in the year. Together with Robin's team she has planned some exciting and challenging lessons to stimulate your child learning. 


Week One of Robin's Class 'On the Allotment' topic began with an exploration of My McGregor's Garden. The children have investigated the crop by categorising them, exploring what countries they have originated from, tasting them and even having a go at vegetable yoga! 


In Maths the children have taken part in the 'Miss Potter Allotment Fair' competition. They had to find the longest and heaviest vegetables for Mr McGregor to enter into the competition. This stimulus has led to lots of enquiry of measure through games and the routine of the day. Next week we will continue this enquiry through the investigation of time. 


On Tuesday, the children were shocked to discover a giants muddy footprints leading through the allotment along with some nibbled carrots! The children read a story with Mrs West that explored the behaviour and feelings of the giant that had led him to take the carrots and recorded it in different ways. 


We have begun the construction of our recycling project green house, as some of our seeds sown last term are now ready to be replanted outside. Please do continue to donate any clear plastic bottles for the project.

Thank you, Robin's team. 




Week Two - What the Ladybird Heard

This week in Robin's Class the children have explored the text, 'What the Ladybird Heard'. They began with mapping the story and considering the rhyme and alliteration used by the Author. Further explorations of the story led the children to develop their own cunning plan of how they would steal the 'fine prize cow' without any of the other farm animals hearing them. The story mapping has led lots of the children to engage in this story telling method and enjoyed sharing their story maps at show and tell time. 

To engage the boys in more child initiated writing we have enhanced the construction areas with perspex and whiteboards and pens to encourage them to make plans and instructions of their constructions. This enhancement has also led to the development of communication and language skills with an increase in the discussions and planning of collaborative projects. 

In Maths, children have explored time. Year One children have progressed from telling the time at O'clock and half past with some children moving beyond this to tell the time at quarter past and quarter to the hour. 


Robin's Class Reading Record

Robin's Class Reading Record 1

Robin's Class Reading Record is our new class rewards system to encourage children with their reading at home. We have noticed that increasingly children are not practicing their reading books or tricky word bookmarks at home, which of course has an impact on their learning. 

To encourage children to want to practice at home we now have a prize bag, from which children who have received 10 stickers on the chart for reading at home, can select a prize. Your child will receive a sticker each week when it is evident that they have practice their books and tricky words at home (from your notes in the reading record). 

As discussed previously at parents evenings and open mornings reading is a skill taught at school daily through literacy, whole class reading sessions and phonics. The books that your child brings home aim to practice their oral blending skills as well as develop their understanding of text structures and comprehension.

We have discussed the reading challenge with your child and have set a target to read and practice their tricky words at least 3 times a week - with the ideal being daily for 10 minutes.

As you know book change happens on a Monday and Friday. Find below a suggested timetable for reading during the week...


Read 1 - look through the book together. What could it be about? What might happen? What do they think about...?

                Practice tricky words - can you spot any in the book?

Read 2 - Practice tricky words and spot them in the book again.

                Read the book together. A page each if your child requires this support.

Read 3 - Practice tricky words and spot them in a favourite bedtime book.

                      Read reading book again. Can your child add voices for characters or explore how they might feel about events in the book? Has their fluency developed through a second or third read?

Read 4 - Choose a favourite book to enjoy together. Model orally blending the sounds in some words - can your child blend the word from this eg, c-a-t do they blend cat? Can they have a go at blending a word from their favourite book?


I do of course understand how difficult it is to juggle the work life balance and know how tired young children can be after a long day at school but would really encourage you as parents to persevere with daily reading as the benefits to your child are huge. 


Y1 Football Tournament at Ripon Outwood. 23/4/18

Y1 Football Tournament at Ripon Outwood. 23/4/18 1
Y1 Football Tournament at Ripon Outwood. 23/4/18 2
Y1 Football Tournament at Ripon Outwood. 23/4/18 3

A fantastic cross country

What a fantastic cross country we had in the beautiful sunshine on Friday. I was very proud of the behaviour that Robin's class displayed, supporting and encouraging each other. The children showed such resilience and determination and some records were broken. Well done everyone and thank you to parents that came to support us.

Understanding the size of number

This half term in Robins Class we have focused lots on understanding the size of number. In reception we have explored numbers to 20 and in Year One we have explored numbers to 50. 

The children have used ten frames, numicon and diens to organise quantities into tens and ones and compare which is more or less, order numbers and even used their knowledge to calculate using addition and subtraction. 


At home you could support this learning further, particularly with those tricky teen numbers that catch the children out. Remember, "numbers in the teens have a group of ten!"

Spot numbers in the environment and around home. Can you make this quantity with objects from around the home? How are these amounts made up? 

For example 6 could be made of 5 and 1, 4 and 2, double 3, half of 12 etc. 

Sowing seeds

We have begun lots of planting indoors ready for our 'On the Allotment' topic next half term. We hope that we will have lots of success so that we can harvest some of our crops. 


The children have looked carefully at the planting instructions to understand when to sow the seeds, when to plant them outside and when they should be ready to harvest. The Year One children created a table so that we can remind ourselves of this easily when planting independently. 


The children are taking care to keep the plants watered and are closely observing any growth and are recording it in their diaries. I am pleased to say we have had some successes already! Please come and take a look after school. 


At home - Ready for next half term, and planting outside, we are hoping to create our own green house. Please could you save any clear plastic bottles to enable us to do this and bring them into class. We will need lots!!

What we are learning about in the Spring Term 2018...

What we are learning about in the Autumn Term 2017 ...