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Welcome to Bishop Monkton C of E Nursery


Our class name is Wrens!




We are a small, friendly nursery and our aim is to offer a safe and caring, exciting and stimulating learning environment, with many challenges and new experiences which will enable your child to leave us confident, independent and ready for full time education.


Your child’s individual needs and well being are paramount to us!


We will nurture your child’s interests and endeavour to incorporate them into every area of learning. We will support self identity and self worth. As well as self chosen activities, we plan activities that are led by your child’s individual next steps and the EYFS development matters age appropriate statements, in the areas:


Personal, Social and Emotional development

Communication and Language

Physical Development



The World

Expressive Arts and Design



As a Church of England school we promote Christian values alongside the British values of:

Individual Liberty

Mutual Respect
Rule of Law

Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs


This is done discretely, on a daily basis through our play.




Your child’s future starts here….............Come and visit us!



Term - Spring 2 - 2019


We have enjoyed lots of Easter themed activities, had an Easter egg hunt in the woodland area and sang 'Twinkle, twinkle little star' at our Easter service at St Johns church.



Visiting Robins class.....

Today we went to visit Robins class! We explored all the areas with our old friends from nursery, who are now the reception children.


What a busy half term.....


Term - Spring 1 - 2019


We're going on a bear hunt.......

We have been exploring the story 'We're going on a bear hunt' the children have followed the story trail, with them being the story tellers. And because they enjoyed it so much we explored the story in a gross motor way in the hall with big props for the different parts of the story.....





We made each other strawberry heart puffs to celebrate valentines day.




We love relaxing our bodies and minds through yoga. We start in the same way each time sitting crossed legged, putting our hands together in front of our hearts and saying "Namaste" we like the translation that it means my divine bows down to your divine. Then we begin, today our yoga followed the story of 'We're going on a bear hunt' at the end we lie down and relax before sitting crossed legged again, with our hands together at our heart and say "Namaste".





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Chinese New Year.........

This week we have learnt about Chinese New Year. This year it is the year of the pig, and we loved watching a video of the dancing lions and dragons. We made lanterns, fans that we decorated with Chinese words, dragons and made Chinese vanilla biscuits for snack.






We made the most of the snow we had. We sledged down the hill behind nursery and made two snowmen.





Problem solving........

How is Little Red Riding Hood going to get from her house to grandmas? The children loved solving this problem. Following the map, how could she cross the river, a boat, a bridge or a float. The sticks blocked the way through the wood, and the landslide of stones blocked the mountain path. The children took it in turns to follow the map and solve the problems. Luckily we didn't meet the wolf......




Guinea pigs........

Sparkle and Blaze have come inside for the winter, and are loving the attention from the children.





Ice exploration..........

We explored ice in lots of different ways, painting it, breaking it, experimenting with salt to see how it melts, and creating coloured ice bowls.





Happy New Year to one and all!

I wonder what exciting things we will be doing in Wrens this year?


Term - Autumn 2 2018


Christmas service and Wrens party.........

The Wrens children sang "We mustn't make a noise" at the school Christmas service at St Johns church, and then enjoyed our party on our return to nursery. We played lots of games ate party food, had balloon play, bashed our pinata and had a visit from a very special guest....






Noisy Nativity...........

The children were amazing in our nativity, being angels, sheep and children. Well done everyone!



A look at this half term....

As always its been a very busy half term. Highlights of the many things the children have done are: Role play ambulance and post office. Visit from Ripon's fire service. Christmas jumper day, super hero day. Children in need we dressed in our pyjamas or onsies. We have celebrated Christmas, Diwali and Remembrance day. We baked and cooked Christmas tree biscuits, Pudsey people, cheese puffs, super hero energy flapjack and play dough. We spent time in the woodland area hunting numbers and searching for spiders. We have used our soft play and climbing frame, as well as all of the other physical activities we enjoy in the school hall. We explored lots of children's interests and as part of our Personal, Social and emotional development started to practice yoga, which we all, children and grown ups alike have enjoyed experiencing.





Term - Autumn 1 2018




Harvest Service.......

We joined the rest of the school celebrating Harvest, at St Johns church. We sang the song 'The farmer gathers his hay today' and watched all of the other children as they performed their pieces.

Harvest Service

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Wrens have talent.......

Today we had a mini talent show, where the children very bravely got up and sang or played and instrument. Then sand baby shark all together, what a talented group of children we have!

Wrens have talent...

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Woodland Explorers

We are having a great time exploring our woodland area. We have looked at the changing colours of the

leaves, coloured autumn leaves and decorated leaves with things we have found. We love walking through the willow tunnel and exploring the whole area. We have looked under stones and wooden stumps to find insects and watched the tadpoles in the container. We are excited to watch the seasons change!



Our Guinea pigs have names.........

The children have named our little piggies, Sparkle and Blaze



Friends of Bishop Monkton School....... Thank you!

Thank you so much for buying our nursery soft play equipment. This is an essential piece of hall equipment, that we can use for our youngest children to explore their physical development. The children used it for the first time this week, and loved it!



Guinea pigs..........

I would like to introduce you to our new arrivals.......... our little piggies! They are very cute and are settling well into the nursery. I wonder what the children will name them?



Welcome back!

To all of the children returning and new, welcome back! I hope this year is a great one and you all enjoy your time at our nursery.



Term - Summer 2 2018

Graduation Day.......

An Ode to the Rising 5's

As the time comes rapidly nearer,

and their learning path oh so clearer.

The Rising 5's are on their way,

somewhere else they will learn and play.

As they move on into robins class,

I'm sure there, they will have a blast.

So a fond farewell we must say,

as the children spend their last day,

in Bishop Monkton Nursery school!



Today was filled with many tears, mostly happy. We had a great morning with lots of water play, and a celebration in the afternoon as we said a fond farwell to our Raising 5's......We will miss you.


Have a great time in Reception class!





Sports Day.......

We had a lovely sports day! We joined the rest of the school in the morning, to have our turn on the potted sports. We navigated the mini assault course, hurdles and bike/scooter race. Enjoyed a picnic on the hill at lunch time. Then walked up to the village hall to take part in the running races......we were very tired when we got back!



Run run as fast as you can!

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Term - Summer 1 2018


You can't have sunshine without bubbles........GIANT BUBBLES!


Just an average week at nursery.....



Pieces of wood and plastic crates.....

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Tadpoles and seedlings.....

After careful monitoring by the children we have noticed that one of our tadpoles has started to grow back legs, hopefully we will soon have froglets.


Look at our seedlings! our home made greenhouses worked a treat, we will have to separate them into bigger pots now.



Wrens new display!

We have a new display outside Mrs Cowlings office. We have been printing with squares and circles and writing our names.



Sunny days......

Snack in the sun and cloud watching.......



As part of our Big Project 'get up and grow' we have now planted seeds, we recycled food containers to make mini greenhouses. When the plants are big enough we will put them in the planters behind nursery and watch the fruit, vegetables and salad grow, then hopefully we will sample some of our hard work....


Budding Photographers....

We used the ipads to take photos of each other and things we like in the nursery......



Frog Spawn

We have tadpoles in nursery at the moment. We watched them change from frog spawn into tadpoles......



Easter Service

We sang 'Tiny Tim' at the Easter Church service at St Johns Church, Bishop Monkton. Then had a fun Easter egg hunt when we got back....

Tiny Tim

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Term - Spring 2 2018




NEW sharing library........

The first set of story sacks have been completed and are now ready to go home, every week for the children to enjoy..........Happy reading!!




Term - Spring 1 2018

To the rescue........

Superhero week! We had a fun dress up day on Tuesday and lots of challenging activities that only a superhero could complete...Ice rescue, superhero number splat, dial a hero and design a cape to name just a few.



Nee Naw, Nee Naw!

The children have loved role play in the ambulance this week. We have learnt such a lot about ambulance technicians and how they help us.




Ready, Steady Cook!

We had a lovely time baking fairy cakes this week! We did lots of measuring and counting, talking about recipes and ingredients and keeping our hands clean.......