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Bishop MonktonC of E Primary School


Spellings: The children will have 3 dedicated lessons to their spellings each week. It will follow a clear pattern.

Lesson 1 - Thursday 

New spellings given out and stuck in their planner. The children will explore the meaning of the words and the etymology of some of the words (origin).  They will build on their 'sound button' skill by exploring the graphemes used.

This will help them deconstruct and reconstruct the words.

Lesson 2 - Monday

The children will explore changing the meaning and the word class by considering the root of the word and then adding prefixes and suffixes. (Morphology)

Lesson 3 - Wednesday

Practise and check-up session including peer testing. (Each half term a  formal assessment will be given to monitor progress).


LIttle Wandle - Children  on Little Wandle will have their own bespoke spelling lists and are not set Spelling Shed games.


How to help at home: Please have fun with the word lists. These lists are taken from Spelling Shed and will include statutory words which will be called 'challenge' words, homophones (words with the same or nearly the same sound, but have different meanings) words linked by phonemes or graphemes. Your child has been set a weekly Spelling Shed assignment based on their list. There is no limit put on playing these games. We suggest that there should be a minimum of 3 goes. The top 3 highest scores will be given house points.