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Bishop MonktonC of E Primary School

Robins Spellings

Spellings for the 14th Jan

Could, looked, asked, one, ten, old, very, our, cold, about

Spellings for 10th Dec


saw, first, girl, made, came, want, here, your take, after

Spellings for 26th November


there, were, like, come, some, said, do, have, out, little, so

Spellings for 19th November

went, help, from, next, just, jump, must, last, ask, what, when

Spellings for 12th November

now, how, down, boy, all, ball, call, way, may, day, play, away, today, her, was


Spellings for 5th November

then ,that ,than, they, this, with, them, push, pull , will, by, my, you, are

Spellings for 15th Oct

yes, he, me, she, be, too, see, been, seen, going, look, good, much

8th October


to, go, no, into, the, back, dig, did, of, bed, big, and, off, has

1st October


is, got, if, as, us, man, not, had, get, van, his, him, but, put

24th September


mum, at, dog, cat, a, I, it, up, am, on, can, in, an,  dad