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Bishop MonktonC of E Primary School



Reading is at the heart of all independent and collaborative learning. In the words of Katherine Rundell: 'Reading is a crowbar to the world.' Our whole school curriculum is centered where possible, around books. Reading allows vocabulary to grow and enormously supports access and understanding of all subjects...and the world!


We would encourage children to read something every day.

We would encourage children to read widely - news, comics, poetry, non-fiction, instructions...

We would encourage children to explore meanings and vocabulary with adults.



  • The children will be asked to read their individual books for homework and to record their progress in their planners. At least 5 times over the whole week. This can be in the form of a discussion with an adult or an audio book. Hearing/reading words is brilliant! If the children want to dip into a magazine in the middle of their fiction or non-fiction book, they can. THE AIM: TO GET PLEASURE OUT OF READING.
  • The children may be asked to celebrate a book that they have read by creating a page in their Reading Journal. (It would be great to see these journals used even when it is not set for homework - go for it!)
  • The children may be given a poem to explore at home. Perhaps to learn; perhaps to just practise reading with prosody (expression to enhance the meaning).
  • The children may be given a research task. E.g. Can you find an author who writes about another country; describe a fabulous character or to write a book review.
  • The children who are on our leveled Book Life Scheme will participate in 'Book Bingo' to encourage a range or reading. They will achieve an award certificate in our Celebration assembly once all the boxes have been completed.



Homework will be set on a Friday for the following Friday.

3/2/23 Reading homework is just to read and enjoy the book you have chosen!

27/1/23 We have finished our class text. We will be moving onto shorter books to showcase some of the non-fiction books we have in school. Home work this week is to find a non-fiction book at school or at home that you would recommend us to look at together.

20/1/23 Work on your reading bingo this week. Find a poem to enjoy.

13/1/23 Find time to focus on a non-fiction book this week. It may be about a place, or it might be science based or sport. We now have 'The Week' magazine arriving weekly! This is a non-fiction text too.

6/1/23 Please complete  one (or more) pages of your reading journal to share what you have been reading. The standard of your writing must be as high as you would do in school please. Good examples will be up in our class book area.