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Online revision.

Mrs Cairns and I would like you to revise a variety of different mathematical knowledge using on-line maths games.

Where there is a level to choose from, begin at the first level and then challenging yourself by working through the levels.

We will not see what you have been up to but remember:  practise + perseverence = confidence in maths.


9th June

Carroll diagrams odd and even

TT Rockstars 

Children are also expected to visit the Times Tables Rock Stars website at least twice a week in order to practise their times tables. Children are expected to arrive in year 4 knowing the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 times tables. By the end of year 4, children are expected to be secure with all the times tables from 2 - 12. In the summer term, year 4 children across the country must complete the multiplication tables check. It is very important that all children, including those in year 5, continue to practise their times tables on a regular basis in order to meet and maintain these expectations. 

Children have been given their username and password for TT Rockstars and were asked to glue this in their homework planner. 

Remember: Knowing all your times tables at speed helps with ALMOST everything in Maths!