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Bishop MonktonC of E Primary School

Homework incl. spelling, CGP, reading and times tables

Reading - please encourage your child to read daily and record responsibly in his/her planner.


C.G.P. (grammar and punctuation) - please sign your child's planner to show that they have completed the weekly page given. 21/10/21.  Yr5 pg15,   Yr6 pg 12. Clauses

Maths- each child has been given their own CGP maths books with pages to complete.


Times tables - it is a good idea to practise these regularly to keep the instant recall fresh. If your child is not confident, then they will be given a times table in their planner to practise daily.


Spellings - We are using a phonics based approach to build spellings. Please talk to your child about 'sound buttons' and adapting root words with suffixes and prefixes.  It is not about learning the five spellings but learning the skill of constructing words using grapheme knowledge.

21/10/21 ‘ay’ phoneme: neigh, exaggerate, straight, explanation, accommodate

We shall be checking up on all Autumn 1 spellings on our return after half term. We have studied 3 phonemes: aw, ear and ay