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Bishop MonktonC of E Primary School


24/1/23 our class trip to Ripon Police Museum and Courthouse.

18/1/23 The children learnt about past crimes and used their research skills to find out about a thief, a rioter, a pirate, a witch, a highwayman and a duellist.

5/1/23 Crime and Punishment. Who could be found in a modern courtroom?

20/10/22 A few of our year 5 fact sheets. The children researched their chosen monarch and presented their information.

22/10 Wow what a great debate. We began discussing what makes a good monarch. The children used their knowledge and their persuasive skills brilliantly. There was excellent use of rhetorical questioning. They then had to debate who was greater: William the Conqueror or Henry VIII.

We are deciding which English monarch to champion. They played a game: ‘Who came first...’ to help develop an understanding of chronology.

Today we explored the timeline of events in the life of Queen Elizabeth ll