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We had a visit from Powerdown Pete. He helped us think about the energy saving lessons the Home Front in WW2 could teach us.

12th May Dunkirk, The Battle of Britain and then The Blitz

Here are some images from our historic Coronation celebration

5th May Today we found out about the evacuation of Dunkirk and then researched the planes used in The Battle of Britain.

May 23 - Mrs H has visited the 'Western Approaches WW2' museum in Liverpool. The Germans thought they could win the war by preventing food getting to Britain's shores. Throughout the war, ships travelled across the Atlantic Ocean carrying supplies. They were under constant attack from submarines called 'U-boats'. Many boats and lives were lost trying to get food to the people. In this basement in Liverpool, these fleets of ships were monitored and protection co-ordinated. At one point, they travelled into the Arctic Ocean with the help of the Russians. Getting food to Britain was dangerous.

24/1/23 our class trip to Ripon Police Museum and Courthouse.

18/1/23 The children learnt about past crimes and used their research skills to find out about a thief, a rioter, a pirate, a witch, a highwayman and a duellist.

5/1/23 Crime and Punishment. Who could be found in a modern courtroom?

20/10/22 A few of our year 5 fact sheets. The children researched their chosen monarch and presented their information.

22/10 Wow what a great debate. We began discussing what makes a good monarch. The children used their knowledge and their persuasive skills brilliantly. There was excellent use of rhetorical questioning. They then had to debate who was greater: William the Conqueror or Henry VIII.

We are deciding which English monarch to champion. They played a game: ‘Who came first...’ to help develop an understanding of chronology.

Today we explored the timeline of events in the life of Queen Elizabeth ll