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Monday 20th June 


Monday 20th June

After a short bus journey,we arrived at East Barnby and were told to make our beds for the week. Most people struggled and some ended up actually up inside their duvet covers! After that, we were taken on a tour around the centre and met our instructors Jill, Josh and Kate. We then had some lunch and got given our wellies before going on a minibus to our first activity. We went to Runswick Bay to go rockpooling. We found lots of sea hares, crabs, fossils and a lobster. Those of us who wanted to got to hold a crab, which we called Bob, and some of us kissed him! We named the sea hares Gary, Barry and Larry. When we arrived back, we headed back to our dorms to finish making our beds and to tidy them before getting sorted for dinner at 6. We’ve had a great time so far and are looking forward to doing the night line later this evening. By Leon and Luke

Day 2 - Canoeing down the River Esk to Whitby Harbour

Tuesday 21st June 

We woke up around 5:30 because it was so bright in our rooms and none of us knew what time it was! Plus the clock in the corridor was one and a half hours ahead! We got ready and then headed over for our breakfast at 8:30 - we had cornflakes, followed by a cooked breakfast of sausages, boiled eggs, hash browns, toast and grilled tomatoes. It was tasty!

After that, we had a meeting to brief us on today's adventure which was canoeing! Quickly, we were given helmets and life jackets, then boarded the bus to our special starting point. Our instructors taught us how to use a paddle and how to set up the canoes. We were then ready to set sail! We worked in groups of 3 and it was lots of fun, although a bit tricky at times and very wet!

We made our way down the River Esk although we weren't always going in the right direction: we kept doing 360 degree turns and some of us got stuck on the shallow ends which were covered in seaweed and rocks. After zooming down a weir, we stopped for our lunch at 'Lunchtime Island' and then something funny happened: Gracie, Saffron and Mrs Langham's canoe capsized and they all got drenched in the water! It was hilarious but I'm not sure they found it as funny as we did!

We continued to make our way down the River Esk, stopping on our way to learn about the viaduct that had been bought for £1 a few years ago. Finally, we made it to Whitby harbour feeling very hot and tired. It was our first time canoeing and it was a great experience. By Ziggy and Alex   

Wednesday 22nd June 


We woke up later this morning (much to the pleasure of Mrs Cairns and Mrs Langham) at 7. At 8:30 we went for breakfast - today we had bacon, eggs, beans, toast and mushrooms, as well as a choice of weetabix or cornflakes and yoghurts. After breakfast, the Queen of Bishop Monkton, a.k.a. Mrs Cowling arrived and then we had our daily briefing with Jill. Today we were told that we were going to a reservoir to go sailing. On the minibus there we sang a selection of songs which Jill, our instructor, was singing along with. 

When we arrived at Scaling Dam, we got all the sailing boats out and carried all the equipment from the little shed to the boats. After putting all the parts for the boats together we were eventually ready to go sailing...we just needed our wetsuits, life jackets and helmets on. There was lots of fuss putting the wetsuits on because they were still wet from the previous users but we finally succeeded and were ready to set sail. 

We were told what to do if it capsizes and how to steer/turn the boats. In pairs, we went out for a brief taster session before lunch. 

After lunch, we were let loose on the water. One or two of us fell in which was funny but we were quite successful and nobody capsized! Near the end of the afternoon we got to have some fun in the water by purposely getting capsized. Once we had put all of the boats away, we had some free time in the water splashing around and having fun. It was a great day! By Harrison, Milly, Ted and Chloe 

Wednesday evening - East Barnby’s Got Talent

Day 4 - Mountain biking

Thursday 23rd June - Mountain Biking 


Today we went mountain biking and we had to bike a circular route 4 miles long. First we had to cycle to a beacon which was on a very steep hill. We stopped for a welcome drink because we were shattered by the time we got to the beacon. After that we had the option to ride back down the steep hill....Luke and I did it first and we had more than one turn because it was such fun! By Thomas 


Today I made huge improvements with my mountain biking. You had to be very strong to do it because there was lots of steep hills so we had to use the gears and have lots of resilience. It was amazing looking back at the minibus because it looked like a little yellow dot on the horizon - we had cycled so far! The most challenging bit was the last part because it was a little thin lane with no actual path. I fell off a lot but I didn’t give up. By Max

Thursday - Bushcraft 

Today we did bushcraft. It was really fun and my group built a hut called The Shady Acorn. I found a big rock and made a hammer by tying it to a stick; there was a weird plant that was edible and it tasted like sour apples. By Jacob


There were 3 teams and we had to build a hut. We then had to try to persuade the instructor to buy one of the huts! By Owen

Thursday afternoon - Beck Scramble 

On Thursday afternoon we went beck scrambling. Firstly, we walked carefully over some rocks near to the beck. Our instructor (Jill) told us there were tight holes in some of the rocks. I was quite nervous about the tightness but after a few goes I soon jumped into the holes! Then we came to a bit of open water. Mostly all of us practically swam - it was freezing! The last bit was the best! It’s called the Loony Leap - there was a massive rock that you slid down into deep water - we got soaked! Beck scrambling was my favourite activity: I loved getting soaked and facing my fears. By Gracie and Saffron 

Thursday evening - sledging 

Sledging was such fun! I could have sledged all night. We got a little plastic sledge and slid down the Astro turf ski slope. Everyone had so much fun and was laughing and smiling. I found the best way to do it was to take 

a little run up, then jump on, zooming down really fast! By Henry 

Day 5 - Mountain Biking

Powerpoint from the East Barnby Information Evening for Parents held on Wednesday 25th May at 3:30